Verizon APIs

Getting Started

All you need to know about getting on-boarded and start using APIs

Learn, initiate, and track API on-boarding steps


Available APIs

List of current and future APIs by product

APIs supporting product life cycle of Service Qualification, Order submission, Status Tracking, Appointment Scheduling, Ticketing


API Standards

Info on API standards and simplification

Standards and simplification makes for easier implementation and tracking


What does Verizon offer?

Verizon offers a turn-key system with everything your eCommerce business needs to sell on multiple marketplaces within one software. This eliminates the need to use plugins, extensions, or develop your own integrations. Incident, Inventory, Change management and sync all comes out-of-box, and you have access to APIs depending on your projects

Verizon empowers customers with the ability to set up a personalized Service Management interface. With resources such as user guides available for download, as well as technical assistance provided by Verizon.

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