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Premium, Handwritten, Product Titles & Descriptions.

1,000,000 products optimised & counting

Title & Description Creation

Handwritten, keyword optimised, relevant product titles & descriptions. Perfect for Google Shopping & on site SEO.

Title Creation

Handwritten Google Shopping feed title optimisation. Perfect for helping increasing CTR & impression share.

Description Creation

Handwritten, keyword rich, description creation. Perfect for improving your Google Shopping performance & on site SEO.

AdWords Account Setup

Google AdWords & Google Shopping account setup. Highly relevant, tightly themed campaigns.

Why You Should Improve Your Product Data

  • You need to stand out from the crowd.

  • There are 100’s of advertisers selling the same products

  • Most product data is auto generated

  • You need to speak directly to your customers

  • Auto generating content is not unique

  • Everybody has the same data

  • Google is a content network

  • Indexing over 20 petabytes of data

  • 2 trillion searches per year

  • Solution

    We write killer product titles and descriptions, that will help:

  • Improve your Google Shopping performance (Clicks, Impressions and CTR)

  • Speak directly to your users

  • Trigger relevant search terms

  • Improve on site SEO

  • Help you stand out from 100’s of other advertisers

  • Say more than any auto generated content

  • Our services are delivered via our dashboard, you can track your order and pay online. Results are primarily delivered via Excel / CSV so you can quantify the results and if you are an Agency white labelling our solution, you can deliver these results directly to the client.

    Our Products & Services

    Content Creation - Title & Description

    Handwritten, highly relevant product title & description optimisation

    Optimising your product data feed - Tailored for Google Shopping, also perfect for onsite / seo optimised descriptions
    100 Products
    tick Handwritten title & description
    tick Optimised for improved relevancy
    tick Up to 1,000 character description
    tick Improved keyword density for ranking
    tick Title optimised for CTR
    tick Results delivered via Excel/CSV

    10% Discount - Monthly Plan (£450)
    Split larger orders over several months

    calendar From 4 Days Delivery
    500+ Products
    tick Handwritten title & description
    tick Optimised for improved relevancy
    tick Up to 1,000 character description
    tick Improved keyword density for ranking
    tick Title optimised for CTR
    tick Results delivered via Excel/CSV

    Large Catalogues - (Save at least £250)
    Contact us for bespoke quotations (500+)

    calendar From 20 Days Delivery

    AdWords Account Setup

    Fully managed setup of AdWords Search & Google Shopping Campaigns

    We research and provide the keywords, build all your campaigns & ads utilising SKAG and SPAG, handling everything for you.
    AdWords Search
    tick Keyword Research
    tick 5 Highly Relevant Campaigns Built
    tick No limit on keywords per campaign
    tick Competitor keywords loaded
    tick 3 Relevant ads per ad group
    tick Ad extensions included *
    tick Campaigns built with SKAG **

    Each additional campaign built out at £125

    calendar 10 Days Delivery (Typical)
    Time estimates are typical & dependant on both parties

    * We will install call out and site links if links are supplied.
    ** Single Keyword AdGroups for maximum relevancy & control.

    Google Shopping
    tick Help with data export from your database
    tick CSV export mapped to Google Shopping format
    tick CSV fully optimised and formatted
    tick Fully managed upload to merchant centre
    tick Campaign build out optimised
    tick Catchall low priority campaign
    tick Category Campaigns built
    tick SKAG campaigns built *
    tick Bid calculated per ad group / product group **

    calendar 14 Days Delivery (Typical)
    Time estimates are typical & dependant on both parties

    * Single Product AdGroups for maximum control & coverage
    ** Max bid calculated; if gross profit margin & conversion rate are supplied.


    Get listed in relevant business directories to help boost your rankings & traffic.

    50 Citations
    - Handwritten manual submissions
    - Comprehensive submission report
    - See each business directory used
    - Logins to each directory provided
    - Screenshots provided
    - UK, USA, Australia & Canada

    Approx 10 day turnaround
    200 Citations
    - Handwritten manual submissions
    - Comprehensive submission report
    - See each business directory used
    - Logins to each directory provided
    - Screenshots provided
    - UK, USA, Australia & Canada

    Approx 13 day turnaround

    Frequently Asked Questions

    989-657-6417 if you have a question that isn't covered here

    Do you offer services to agencies?
    Yes, we are working with agencies in 6 countries already. We are setup to compliment your workflow, bid management software and methodologies. We write premium ad content for your client accounts working directly with the agency to accomplish this. Our account setup service is managed from within your MCC so it is all under your brand.
    Are there any contracts?

    We work entirely on upfront pricing. The price is the same no matter how big or small the client is. Our goal is quality content and quality structure.

    Do you offer discounts?

    We do offer bulk order discounting. Details of any discounts available are published next to each product or service in our products section.

    How quickly can your deliver?

    We manually write premium ad content so we do need some time to accurately assess and create the new optimised content. Most of our ad creation services are delivered within 1 - 2 weeks. Our account setup services are also delivered within 10 - 14 days (this is dependant on both parties). For a more accurate assessment on lead time we published expected delivery dates next to each product / service which can be found in our products section.

    Can you handle large Google Shopping Catalogues?

    Yes, we do advise you begin optimising either your best sellers and/or the products you wish to push but are struggling for impression share. We do also work on much larger catalogues, starting with 500+ title & description optimisations. In this case, we offer a monthly service where you pay per month for a set number of optimisations and we work through your catalogue. Or you can pay upfront for an entire catalogue content update. For a bespoke optimisation service, please (770) 216-2148 so we can give you an accurate estimate for delivery and price.

    Don’t take our word

    Some kind words from our awesome clients

    When our initial user acquisition strategy didn’t pan out the way we’d planned, we turned to Josh & Ben at grow.online to assist in getting us out of the hole we were in. Before long we were back on track & exceeding numbers our little startup had only dreamed of - within a few months, we had an optimized PPC program with millions of targeted, product-centric keywords, a CTR & CR that was getting better weekly, a PLA program that was generating roughly 8 million in sales per month and a very happy investor. As I was coming from the affiliate / e-commerce deal industry with very little to no knowledge of PPC, Josh & Ben came in and got us to where we needed to be. Their experience in the industry proved to be the missing piece. The best part, while we were prepared to do so, we didn’t have to fully exhaust our marketing budget to get there. I’d highly recommend grow.online. With their experience, they make a great addition to any marketing team. Whether you’re looking for additional traffic, sales or you just need some minor tweaking of your program, Josh & Ben have shown that they are the right guys for the job. *

    Mendy Perlman
    Co-Founder and COO of DealTrend LLC

    "As a tech-savvy business owner I didn't want to commit to long term contracts or give up complete control of our advertising accounts. We're quite hands on with the advertising in-house. I just wanted someone to come in, fix the leaks, and leave us to it! Grow 'Optimisation' did just that for us and within one month dropped our Cost Per Conversion from £400 to just over £100. As well as cutting costs Josh & Ben left us with golden nuggets of best practices within Adwords that will serve us for the lifetime of campaigns. We have since used them again for another campaign. The high value, low commitment offering here is what we really love - kudos for Josh & Ben for creating such a service." *

    Joe Davies
    Co-Founder at FatJoe

    * Disclaimer: All results and improvements are specific to each client testimonial. Results vary from client to client and there are no guarantees every client will see the same results.

    Who we are & how we can help

    Who we are

  • We write & deploy premium ad content to help improve the performance of shopping & search ad accounts

  • Our PPC ad content & optimisation services are used by clients & agencies in 6 countries.

  • Co-Founders Josh & Ben have been AdWords experts since 2004

  • Over 4 million ads have been audited and analysed in this time

  • We have worked in some of the most agressive paid search sectors from Retail, Finance/Loans, Pharmaceuticals, Travel & Professional Services/Legal.

  • We are data scientists at heart and we know what it takes to help improve ad account performance

  • We care about quality. Our goal is deliver each and every client, quality ad content.

  • We are here to compliment existing ad managers, PPC specialists, in house teams & marketing agencies. We don't interfere with any optimisation programs, management platforms or existing methodologies. We understand ad content creation on mass is a painful yet highly important exercise and that is where we want to help!

  • How we can help

    Do you want to improve your Google Shopping Feed?
    Our Google Shopping - Content Creation service manually optimises a select number of products in your Google Shopping feed. We hand write and fully optimise your title & description. Our Shopping Content Creation service gives you 3 benefits 1) Optimised Google Shopping Products 2) Improved on site descriptions 3) More relevant ad copy which can help increase CTR, ad relevancy & quality scores.

    Do you want to improve your AdWords performance?
    After auditing over 4 million adwords since 2004, we think the single biggest factor in driving increased performance is ad content and relevancy. Our content creation services look to manually optimise and improve the descriptions and titles of search ads and shopping products. Improving relevancy and providing keyword rich, accurate and well written text can help increase your impression share, improve interaction rates. It can also help lower CPA if relevancy improves quality score which affects bid pricing.

    Do you need help setting up your AdWords account?
    After 12+ years setting up and optimising AdWords Search accounts we have really refined what it takes to setup successful AdWords accounts. We have seen plenty of disastrous attempts at account structure. It is often overlooked but once you quantify the losses from poor structure and badly managed keywords, the wasted ad spend can be staggering. Our setup service looks to give you the best possible start. We handle all the keyword research for you (including competitor keywords), fully manage the build out and setup of your new campaigns. We deploy a highly targeted, optimised adgroup structure of 1 keyword per adgroup, complete with 3 ad variations per adgroup. Ultimately, giving you the best start with your new campaigns.

    Want to work with us? Get in touch

    Our History

    Co-Founders Josh & Ben starting using AdWords in 2004, specialising in large scale PPC

    Josh specialises in large scale Google Shopping campaigns. Feed generation, optimisation, Adwords structuring and management. PPC and account management has been Josh’s speciality for the last 10 years. He generated 500k retail clicks on Black Friday 2016 and generated $300k in revenue from a highly refined Google Shopping setup. Josh’s background is in retail, travel, finance, pharmaceutical and other tough sectors have allowed him to adapt his methods to generate positive ROI across several niches.

    Co-Founder, LinkedIn

    Ben specialises in building out highly relevant, highly targeted paid search campaigns at serious scale. PPC and data analysis has been Ben's speciality for the past 12+ years. His coding background allows him to build the tools to implement and scale adwords account quicker whilst following tried and tested methodologies. Co-Founder of a Price Comparison company that has driven over $1 billion in retail sales, he understands the importance of ad content, relevancy, ROI and large scale growth.

    Co-Founder, LinkedIn

    Let the numbers speak for themselves

    Case Study 1. Black Friday Shopping **

    ** Disclaimer: All results shown in this case study are specific to the work we did for DealTrend LLC. Results vary from client to client and cannot be guaranteed.

    We manage the online marketing for a large US Daily Deals site. Our experience in the UK and North American market started with 6 years of optimised Google Search Ads campaigns, in the retail sector, to use as a baseline. With conversion rates to sale of 4% and a ROAS of 125% average, our three retail clients were happy with our performance. Daily clicks ranged between 50,000 and 70,000.

    To expand our opportunity in retail we introduced a new channel via Google Shopping to grow customer acquisition and sales.


    Both Ben and I have been working in online retail sales and ecommerce for over 10 years now. We’ve seen a few things change over the years, but there has been one recurring problem faced by ecommerce stores and affiliates alike.

    “How on Earth do we successfully market a huge product database?” is a question that is constantly running through the minds of even the most experienced marketers and business owners.

    When thinking, in terms of Google (that’s our bag really), it can be tough. If it’s organic traffic you’re looking for, that is a huge initial outlay on content and a natural link building strategy. Think… If you’re selling products sold by other retailers, you’re going to need unique content on those products. If you are a reseller, dropshipper or an affiliate; you’re going to be working with generic product descriptions and specifications that have been distributed to all resellers. Unique content is seriously resource intensive, but we’d suggest working on this over time. It’s not something you’re going to get off the ground fast.

    Moving on to Adwords (search text ads) we face a different problem. We find it is always the same! Simply put, it’s very tough to create genuine search terms using a product catalogue. Product titles are often long and over descriptive (containing manufacturer name, part number and other unique identifiers), making it difficult to know what to strip out and what to include. It’s also difficult to understand the users intent. When a user is in the market for a particular product, are they going to be searching for specific product titles? Probably not, it’s going to be a broader, more generic search.


    We were fortunate enough to qualify for an ‘Accelerated Growth Team Account Manager’ (due to our account spend and activity), allowing us access to new Beta programs. The most notable beta, was the acceptance of aggregators and affiliates into Google Shopping. We were given the opportunity to load a subset of our product database (300k products) to a Google Merchant account and allowed to market them, using Google Shopping.

    We began by analysing historic sales reports, from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Sears - pulling out historic top sellers and seasonal products. We focused on products that had high search volume along with high commision. Due to the fact we were representing an affiliate (very low margins 3-5%) and competing with retailers with much higher margins (20 - 60%) we knew we had to be smart.


    By segmenting product groups, by RPC (Revenue per clickout), we could easily track which product categories were performing well. We simply needed to ensure that our cost/conversion was less than our RPC and we were in profit. On a more granular level, we were constantly running product reports and search term reports, ensuring any poor performing search terms or products were removed.


    User acquisition was 60% lower for Google Shopping vs Search Campaigns Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) peaked at 200%, a huge increase over Search Ads at 125% average. An Average ROAS settled out around 155% within 7 days of optimisation with more room for improvement Conversion rate from Shopping campaigns was 3x higher than that of Search Campaigns

    ** Disclaimer: All results shown in this case study are specific to the work we did for DealTrend LLC. Results vary from client to client and cannot be guaranteed.

    Other things to note

    Google Shopping set up takes away the pain of product related keyword targeting and expansion. The result is the ability to generate quality sales and engaged users in a much shorter time span. CPC’s can be slightly higher, especially if the focus is on traffic, however the 3x increase in conversion to sale easily offsets the increased CPC’s The user data captured allows you to build segmented audiences with shopping / purchase intent much quicker resulting in a lower overall acquisition cost.

    ROAS is a simple calculation of total revenue / total cost. It is important to note ROAS was calculated on paid search sales only. Additional benefits for the three retail sites we worked with are acquiring users for future re-engagement campaigns such as re-marketing, email marketing and direct users.

    From the Google Shopping results it is clear that Google Shopping in the retail space is

    Much easier to set up initially (when you consider product and keyword matching being a common problem for traditional search) Product catalogs are easier to manage Catalogs are more logical and has a variety of extendable data allow for better optimisation Removes the need to find relevant, shopping intent keywords Removes the need to expand keywords that work Reduces wasted spend using real data to find good keywords and to optimise Users engage with shopping blocks on google properties with the intent to buy Google Shopping blocks are set to expand over third party search providers and potentially the display network.

    Our methodologies

    See how we do what we do & why it can help you.



    We were one of the first paid search experts to utilise single keyword adgroups back in 2010. Back then we were running paid search for a very large price comparison company. Using SKAG allowed us to launch and scale highly relevant keyword/ad combos. Alongside this strategy we developed the tools to inspect, manage and optimise such a large number of keywords. We can now, research, set up and launch millions of keywords in less than a day.



    It would only be right if we took our SKAG methodology and applied it to Google Shopping. We have built the tools to build out your shopping campaigns to single product ad groups. Incredibly difficult to do at scale manually, we have the tools to expand and roll out this strategy in hours, not weeks. Using SPAGs allows you to control the bids and negative keywords for your individual products. You can retain aggregate category or brand bidding initially before collecting enough data to tune your product performance which can help significantly increase your traffic and improve ROI.


    Tools & Data

    Our background is data and conversion rate optimisation. We never underestimate the importance of a good on site strategy and the importance of understanding the data that is produced by search campaigns. We are detailed thinkers, critical analysers and we have the skills and experience to maximise the opportunities the data produces. We base our decisions to scale and our strategy on the data. We are ROI driven and unlike other PPC personel we always look at your landing page UI/UX, and sales/analytics data in order to produce the best results for you.

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